Christmas Pastor’s Dinner | 2015

Community building and outreach event to pastors and leadership in the hispanic church community of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.


Keynote Address for Guatemalan Delegation | CCAI | 2013

In April 2013, Carlos Duran, founder of Hombres de Palabra (Men of their Word), delivered a keynote address to a delegation of Guatemalan officials. Duran discussed the future of children in our communities, and the future of our nations.

“We are meeting today for a common cause. This common cause is the future of the children in our communities, and therefore the future of our nations. Because when it comes to children we are talking about the largest and most important natural resource and wealth in a nation; a richness that has to be cultivated, cared for, protected and educated so that it can reach its potential and write history.”


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